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858900 (6 pc CDU)

Heavy Duty Squeegee

  • High density foam holds plenty of window washing solution 

  • Mesh covering makes quick work of stuck-on grime 

  • Rubber blade wipes windshields and windows streak-free

Use the Heavy Duty Squeegee wet with plenty of window cleaning solution to experience superior cleaning results. The mesh weave effectively scrubs dirt from the surface, while the dense sponge holds plenty of washing solution to carry dirt away. The rubber squeegee finishes the job by wiping windshields and windows streak-free.
Periodically check and remove leaves, twigs and other debris that may have gathered below the wiper blades and grille. In many instances that unpleasant odor emitted by your AC is due to the collection of debris.
For best results, hand wash the mesh sponge and rubber blade with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.
The mesh sponge and rubber blade are not intended to be used on painted or polished surfaces.

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