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Sure Grip Applicator Set 3 pieces

  • Apply your favorite wax, polish, or protectant with comfort and control

  • The ergonomic handle enhances application motion, reduces hand fatigue, and helps keep hands clean

  • This reusable set contains one foam applicator and two microfiber bonnets

Use the Sure Grip Applicator Set to effectively apply waxes, polishes, and protectants with precision and comfort. The ergonomic handle increases grip while reducing hand fatigue; perfect for large waxing jobs. This unique set contains two popular materials for applying your favorite detailing liquids: fine grade red foam and dense pile microfiber. When using a microfiber bonnet, first secure the elastic band around the base of the foam applicator.
If rainwater does not bead on the painted surfaces of your car, it's time to wax it. How often you have to wax your car is dependent on the type of wax you use and the environmental conditions your car is subjected to.
For best results, hand wash the applicator and bonnets with soap and water after each use. Do not use bleach. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry. Do not iron.
This applicator set will not scratch surfaces; however, it may pick up and trap particles that may scratch. Wash after each use to release trapped dirt and particles.

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