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LED Swirl Finder

  • The super bright LED lights help expose those stubborn swirls and scratches 

  • Helps achieve perfectly polished panels 

  • Magnetic base for hands-free use

The LED Swirl Finder helps you achieve perfectly polished paint. The ultra-bright LED lights reveal small scratches, swirl marks, etching and other surface imperfections that can be hard to see in normal lighting conditions. Use the LED strip to illuminate broad spaces and inspect paint, or the single LED on the top to shoot a focused beam at specific areas. The magnetic base attaches to any metal surface for brilliant hands-free illumination and easy storage.
Use it to light up foot wells, engine bays, under seats, trunks, wheel wells, and cracks and crevices for the ultimate interior and exterior detail.
Includes 3 AAA batteries. Replace as needed. Before first use, pull tab out from the battery compartment to activate batteries.
Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries. Ensure correct polarity when inserting batteries.

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