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981600, 981610, 981200

Professional Shop Towels 25pk

  • Industrial strength, soft and absorbent 

  • Wipe up grease, oil, paint and other spills 

  • Washable and reusable 

  • 12 in. x 14 in. (30.5 cm x 35.6 cm)

Soft and absorbent, these towels are perfect for wiping away grease, oil, and spills. They are also great for cleaning dirt and grime off hands and tools.
When checking the oil level in your vehicle, wipe the dipstick clean with a shop towel before dipping it a second time into the oil pan. A good approach is to check your oil, tire pressure, and other fluids on a regular schedule.
For best results, hand or machine wash these towels separately in cold water with a liquid detergent. Do not use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Air dry or tumble dry low. Do not iron.
These towels will not scratch surfaces; however, they may pick up and trap particles that may scratch. Wash your towels after each use to release trapped dirt and particles.

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