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Microfiber Interior Cleaning Pads 2pk

  • Specialized bristles gently lift stubborn dirt and grime

  • Creased pad design easily conforms to clean tight spaces

  • Durable and reusable

Use the Microfiber Interior Cleaning Pads with your favorite interior cleaner. These pads are designed to effectively clean interior vehicle surfaces like leather, vinyl, and plastic. The gentle bristles exfoliate the surface releasing embedded dirt and debris while the microfiber terry side easily wipes it away. The creased design and thin foam core conform to various shapes – easily wrap it around the steering wheel or lay it flat to clean a large surface like a seatback.
When you neglect to clean the inside of the vehicle, inner surfaces can develop excess wear and tear. Dust, dirt, and spilled particles can wear away at upholstery and other interior surfaces. In order to keep the interior space of the car in good shape for as long as possible, you need to clean it regularly.
For best results, hand wash with soap and water. Do not use bleach. Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat to try. Do not iron.
These pads will not scratch surfaces; however, they may pick up and trap particles that may scratch. Wash after each use to release trapped dirt and particles.

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