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Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes 2pk

  • ¼” diameter shaft works with most standard drills

  • Two different size cleaning heads for added versatility

  • Quality materials for extended life and durability

The 2 piece Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes help you power through your cleaning projects, getting the job done in less time than manual cleaning options. These brushes feature medium duty nylon bristles that are designed to loosen and lift dirt and debris from interior carpeted surfaces; like footwells, floor liners, and mats. Great for scrubbing hard-to-clean rubber floor mats too!

The 1.75 inch diameter spot detail brush is best for small areas that get missed or need special attention.

The 4 inch diameter carpet brush is best used on large flat areas.

Remove the cleaning brush from the drill. Clean the bristles with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry. Clean after each use.

When using the brushes the drill should always be on the lowest setting. Test first on a well-lit, inconspicuous spot to see the effect of the brush prior to cleaning the desired area. Always read and follow the drill manufacturer’s operating manual.

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