845000 Pivoting Head Extension Squeegee

  • Large 10” head makes quick work of large jobs

  • Pivoting head for quick and easy storage

  • High density foam holds plenty of window washing solution

  • Mesh covering powers through stuck-on grime

  • Rubber blade wipes windshields and windows streak-free

  • Extends to over 4 ft.



Use the Pivoting Head Extension Squeegee wet with plenty of window cleaning solution to experience superior cleaning results. The mesh weave effectively scrubs dirt from the surface, while the dense sponge holds plenty of washing solution to carry dirt away. The rubber blade finishes the job by wiping windshields and windows streak-free.


When finished using the Pivoting Head Extension Squeegee rinse well and simply depress the button labeled “press” which is located on the back of the squeegee head near the pivot joint. While depressing the button push the head to the side. The squeegee head only rotates to one side.


Try the Pivoting Head Extension Squeegee for cleaning windows in and around the house!



For maximum performance it is recommended that the mesh sponge and rubber blade be thoroughly cleaned after each use. To clean, remove excess debris and agitate the squeegee head in warm, soapy water. Rinse clean. Air dry.



Before using, lock the squeegee head into the horizontal position.

The mesh sponge and rubber blade are not intended to be used on painted or polished surfaces. 

Watch out for overhead power lines. The extension pole is made of aluminum and will conduct electricity.

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