991810 Super Soft Wash Mitt

  • Soft, dense pile gently lifts dirt and grime

  • Holds plenty of soap and water

  • Comfortable knitted wristband keeps mitt snug


Use the Super Soft Wash Mitt wet with plenty of car wash soap and water to experience superior cleaning results.The thick acrylic nap provides excellent effectiveness and efficiency.


Dish soap is for dishes not automobile paint.  Not only will dish soap strip wax, it can actually dull your finish. Quality car wash may cost a little extra but the benefits are worth it.


To clean your Super Soft Wash Mitt, gently agitate it in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.


The Super Soft Wash Mitt  will not scratch surfaces; however, it can pick up and trap particles that may scratch. Wash your Super Soft Wash Mitt after each use to release trapped dirt and particles.

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